“Military Encounters help our military personnel Encounter Jesus!”

What is a Military Encounter?

Promise of Hope Ministries is helping our military personnel encounter Jesus by providing them with God’s word. The durability of our waterproof Bible insures that our military personnel can have the scripture with them regardless of the severity of their living conditions.

What Hosts a Military Encounter?

You can – “SHARE THE LIGHT” by purchasing a Bible or a New Testament for one of our military personnel, we suggest the Waterproof New Testament that can be purchased from our store. When you receive your Bible, Send your Bible and a letter of appreciation and your testimony addressed to “Dear Soldier: to: First Baptist Church – 3000 Orange Blossom Drive – Naples, FL 34109 – Director: Tony Zawacky. This letter provides an excellent opportunity for you and your family to “adopt” your service member by developing a relationship with them. Feel free, in your letter, to include information about you and your family along with pictures.